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Teaching Place via Elsewhere

In Volume 2 Issue 1 of Elsewhere, Editor J.D. Schraffenberger comments: “Very early on, we imagined Elsewhere as a journal that might also be used as a teaching tool and a forum for educators interested in exploring place as a theme in their classrooms.” Check out this incredible collection of essays on the theme “Teaching Place,” which can be found – wholly accessible via the publications online pdf format:

“Why Read for Place? Can Place Writing Matter?” by Casey Clabough
“Pastoral Science Fiction: The Landscape of Ray Bradbury’s Midwestern Stories” by Patricia Kennedy Bostian
“Teaching Sense of Place in Environmental Studies: From Cooperative Learning to Critical Thinking” by Keely Maxwell
“The Rhetorics of Place / Teaching Place as Text” by Matt Low
“Creation by Disruption: Regionalist Approaches to Contemporary Canadian and American Literature” by Julie W. O’Connor
“Using Houses to Teach Place” by Anastasia L. Pratt
“Literature and Journalism of the West: The Study of Regionalism in a Capstone Course” by Jan Whitt
“Taking Education to the Streets, Parks, and Malls: Field Study to Teach Place” by James Guignard
“Multi-modal Explorations of Place in an Interdisciplinary Course” by Mary Newell
“Writing the Place You Know” by James Engelhardt
“Open Letter to the SUNY Brockport College Community” by William Heyen
“Layers of Place” by SueEllen Campbell
“Academic Treatise or Personal Essay? Reflecting on Rival (?) Discursive Modes for Place and Nature” by Peter Hay

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