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Summer Publishing Institute

Crazyhorse/Tupelo Press Publishing Institute
June 2-30, 2009

This institute is a graduate-level program open to writers at any post-baccalaureate level, whether finished with a graduate program in creative writing, currently enrolled or considering attending one. Students may choose to pursue either a credit or non-credit option. The program of study is unique in combining the opportunity for a practical internship at Crazyhorse with important lessons on the first book through an intensive, four-week course that chronicles the selection of a winner in the annual Tupelo Press First Book Prize. This year, in addition to the internship and the first books course, the institute is proud to offer poetry and fiction workshops with poet Carol Ann Davis and fiction writer Bret Lott, as well as an opportunity for book-length manuscript review with Tupelo Press Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Levine.

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