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Summer Poetry in Idyllwild 6.08

Summer Poetry in Idyllwild
July 13–July 19, 2008

Summer Poetry in Idyllwild is designed to offer friends and aficionados of poetry a wide range of opportunities for participation, from six hours of daily immersion to an hour each evening of engaged listening. In order to provide even more options, the week is divided into two similar, but not identical, three-day sessions, July 13–15 and July 17–19, with a day off between sessions. For all activities, participants may choose either three-day session or the entire week. In addition to the Intensive Poetry Writing Workshop, a new workshop option will be available, focusing on making a chapbook. Visiting poets include Ted Kooser & Natash Trethewey, and resident poets Terrance Hayes, Eloise Klein Healy, Marie Howe, Charles Harper Webb, Ceclia Woloch, among others.

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