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Stunning Covers :: Palooka

Palooka: Issue 2 – cover art, “Flying Clowns Descend on the Schoolyard” by Joe Harvasy (2008). I have a friend who is deathly afraid of clowns who would find this cover stunning in a very literal-psychological sense. I find the colors (great reproduction) and style to be the stunner; the clowns themselves – well, there’s some dark humor at work here I can appreciate. Havasy comments on the artwork: “The flying clowns painting was originally a print I did for a show titled ‘They’re Out to Get Me’ about childhood fears. I wanted to show clowns doing everything scary possible. Four years later the Alcove Gallery was having a show titled ‘Circus,’ and I decided to do a gigantic 2′ x 3′ painting of the clowns. The painting currently resides in Oslo, Norway, in the collection of Nicholas Paulik.”

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