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Some Literary News Links :: October 2014

As if being selected isn’t reason enough to read them, Mashable Social Media Assistant MJ Franklin gives us 7 Reasons You Should Read This Year’s PEN Literary Award Winners – matching each reason with an award-winning book. With #1 being “They empower children” it seems enough said, but do read the rest.

Columnist Fanfic writer Elizabeth Minkel weighs in on (whether or not) adults (should be) reading YA literature on the New Statesmen: Read whatever the hell you want: why we need a new way of talking about young adult literature.

Princeton University now houses 180 linear feet of materials documenting Toni Morrison’s life, work, and writing methods – with more to continue being added.

I guess it’s time to re-read Moby Dick and Nathaniel Philbrick’s book that shares its title with the Ron Howard film In the Heart of the Sea so I can keep up with the coming onslaught of comparative news stories and blog posts.

Grad School’s Mental Health Problem and When Education Brings Depression are two insightful articles that might just be what someone needs to read or have shared from a friend, and don’t discount comics for their reach in portraying psychological illness. [Thanks Gerry Canavan for this trio of links.]

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