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Some Literary News Links :: March 2015

Famous last words quiz on Christian Science Monitor challenges you to match closing words from literature with their novel titles and authors. I hate these quizzes! I love these quizzes!

And when you’re done with that one, try What do you know about Asian literature?

The University of Texas’ literary archive said it paid $2.2 million for the works of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a price the school sought to keep secret until ordered to make it public by the state attorney general’s office.

Ten musicians fueled by existentialism
: Nice to see one of my all-time favorites listed.

Authors Colin Winnette and Jeremy M. Davies, both creators of unreliable narrators, discuss Who’s the Greatest Unreliable Narrator in Literature? (I don’t know? Can we trust them?)

Patrick McCarthy has edited an edition of a once-lost novel by Malcolm Lowry, In Ballast of the White Sea. Peter Robb of the Ottawa Citizen talks with McCarthy about how the book was brought before the public, starting off with, “Why does Malcolm Lowry matter still?”

Heading to Bath anytime soon? The Independent has some travel tips: Where to go and what to see in 48 hours.

Finally: Scientists determine the nation’s safest places to ride out a zombie apocalypse.

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