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Some Literary Links

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be a nicer person who is more sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings, read more novels. Really. (Psychology Today)

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Movies and Books: “While it’s hardly novel to suggest that Hollywood is out of ideas, 2014 hasn’t done much to prove otherwise. Of the top 10 grossing films released last year, every single one was inspired by a pre-existing media property like a novel, a comic book, or—in two cases—a line of toys.” (The Atlantic)

“The man hired to smuggle Ulysses into New York City was sweating. . . The smuggler was following very specific instructions. He’d obtained the text, just like he’d been told. He stuffed the book into his suitcase. Then he boarded the luxurious Aquitania in Europe, with orders to disembark at this very port. But as he waited in line eying the customs officials, things weren’t going to plan. In fact, it looked like the officer was just going to wave him through. This was not what the smuggler was being paid to do; he was under strict orders to get caught!” The Worst (And Most Important) Smuggling Job in the History of Literature. (Mental Floss)

Don’t like your personality? Try reading a novel. Reasearchers “propose that there are specific ways in which fiction can engage readers in ways that enhance important personality qualities.. . . all other things being equal, people who read more fiction are also better at reading other people’s emotions. It’s not just that empathic people read more, but that reading promotes empathy.” (Psychology Today)

Satre told the Nobel Committee he would say no, only they didn’t get the memo. History shows he was true to his (late-arriving) word. (The Guardian)

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