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Short Fiction Contest Winners

The American Short Fiction 2012 Short Story Contest winners have been announced. First place winner James DeWille’s story “Last Days on Rossmore” is featured in the most recent issue of American Short Fiction. The contest judge, Justin Cronin, says, “This story grabbed me right away with its off-kilter scenario, compact characterization, and downright zingy dialogue. Everything here felt completely original, nothing that had ever been written or imagined before, which is the hallmark of a first-rate short story.”

Second place (not printed in the issue) goes to Suzanne Barnecut for “On Great Mountain.” The announcement on the website says that “Cronin admired its deft use of second person and said the story is ‘full of wise observations.'”

Other writers in the issue include Max Ross (“Exorcising”), Elizabeth Ellen (“Teen Culture”), Alyssa Knickerbocker (“The Daughter of a Squaw Man Smuggles Wool and Other Goods”), and Roxane Gay (“We Are the Sacrifice of Darkness”).

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