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Seeking Editor

From the staff at Shape of a Box:

After publishing 62 weekly issues, Shape of a Box is looking for a new editor or editors to take over the enterprise.

If you are interested please email current editor, Jessie Carty: shapeofabox-at-gmail-dot-com

Ideally, Jessie would like someone to take over the online journal 100% but she would be willing to stay on and help with the transition.

If we are unable to find someone to take over the journal 100% then we would like to work with individuals who would be interested in 1 – handling the website, including assisting with registering the domain OR 2 – making videos from contributor supplied footage (any software to compile – iMovie, Movie Maker etc).

We will be taking interest on a first come first serve basis but we would like to announce our decision on editorship/ownership of the project by January 15th. You can also stop by the wordpress blog.

Spread the word!