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River Styx 2014 International Poetry Contest Winners

Issue 93 of River Styx features the winners of their 2014 International Poetry Contest. Their editorial panel selected a number of poems to send to this year’s final judge, poet Joan Murray [pictured], who selected the winners:

joan-murray1st Place
Adam Scheffler, “Contemporaries”
Murray’s comment: “It’s a very accomplished accretive poem that pays off our anticipation with specifics and surprises, and lets us chuckle right through the inevitable.”

2nd Place
Brian Patrick Heston, “Overtime”
Murray’s commen: “It’s a jewel-like yet gritty poem that lifts a dark moment to the light and pulls us inside with curiosity, reluctance, and empathy.”

3rd Place
Suzanne Cleary, “Making Love While Watching a Documentary on Lewis and Clark”
Murray’s commen: “It’s an appealingly drowsy meditation on expectation, imagination, and disappointment—in history, on TV, and in bed.”

Honorable Mention
Myra Shapiro, “Put the Kettle On”

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