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Ricochet Review

ricochet-reviewStudent poets guided by faculty and editorial editors at Chicago’s Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center comprise the editorial board of Ricochet Review, an annual poetry magazine that strives to publish both established and emerging writers who work in poetry and/or poetry translations from various languages and various forms of art. The newest issue (#3) features translation from both underrepresented and major languages, as well as through ekphrasis.

Ricochet Review is unique among literary magazines because of its “Apprentice Poet and Master Poet Mentorship Exchange.” This is an opportunity for high school poets to hone their craft through a guided, workshop-style collaboration between experienced, published, and talented master poets, who understand the art of poetry and how to convey it. High school students who wish to be mentored should highlight their interest in their cover letter when submitting their poems. The editorial board will then contact chosen participants.

Ricochet Review is currently accepting national and international submissions from high school students, college students, and non-students. The theme for their next issue: “Macabre and Grotesque.” The editors write, “We are looking for any type of poetry and translation directly or indirectly inspired by the macabre and/or grotesque.” The reading period ends February 1, 2016.

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