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Resources :: Academy of American Poets

The official website of Academy of American Poets (sponsors of National Poetry Month), Poets.org offers hundreds of essays and interviews about poetry, biographies of more than 500 poets, almost 2,000 poems, and audio clips of 150 poems.

For Educators, the Online Poetry Classroom offers a wealth of resources, including Discussion Forums where teachers can share ideas and seek help from colleagues; Pedagogical & Critical Essays about poetry; extensive links to relevant websites; Curriculum Units & Lesson Plans; biographies of hundreds of poets; and over 2,000 poems.

For Writers, visit the Publishing FAQ, which provides reading resources for the budding poet and answers questions abouts where to submit your poems, what poetry scams to be wary of, and where to get good feedback on your work. There are also more than 400 essays and interviews on Poets.org, and many of them deal with the writing process. Read prose pieces that discuss poetic techniques, interviews about the writing life, and browse our glossaries of poetic terms and concepts.

Visit Poets.org today and consider joining the Academy of America Poets.

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