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Recipe for Inspiration

File this under the “finding writing ideas in the most unlikely places” category. Check out some of these great recipe names, courtesy of Backwoods Home Magazine:

Dragon’s Breath Chili
Earth’s Greatest Cookies
Egg Thingies
Humble Stew (Served with humble pie for dessert? Oh, c’mon, you saw that one coming…)
Dishpan Cookies
Baked Macaroni and Cheese to Kill For
Czarist Chicken Salad
Chow-chow (I read the recipe and still don’t know what this is – ?)
Lazy Housewife Pickles
Emergency Casserole (Maybe to help the person killed for the mac and cheese…)

Can’t you just see it now: “She went to the kitchen and started banging pots and pans onto the stove. She’d have the last laugh for his cheating on her, the Dragon’s Breath Chili would see to that…”

Inspiration can indeed come from the strangest places. If nothing else, some of these really do sound worth trying!

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