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Pongo Teen Writing Resources

The Pongo Teen Writing Project has just launched a new web site that features 34 online writing activities for youth who have led difficult lives. These activities are geared to teens who may never have written before. The activities may also be downloaded for use in the classroom, etc.

As examples of writing exercises, the web site has an activity “I Just Thought You Should Know,” which could be a letter to a missing parent, or “Letter After a Time,” which is a letter to someone important who died. There are activities called “You Don’t Know Me” and “Anger” and “Love, Sometimes” and “Addicted.”

When teens finish their poems online they have the option of printing and emailing their poems to themselves and their friends, and also of submitting their poems to Pongo. In addition, the site contains information for teachers, 100 teen poems, and a project journal.

This web site brings together some of Pongo’s best work from the last 15 years. Pongo’s writing program has served over 4,000 teens in juvenile detention, the state psychiatric hospital, homeless shelters, and other agencies.

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