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Pongo in Your City!

Pongo Teen Writing, long based in Seattle, Washington training writers to work with troubled youth, is now prepared to bring Pongo training to your city!

pongo-teen-writingAccording to founder, writer, and teacher Richard Gold, “The Pongo methodology serves multiple audiences: (1) Therapists and teachers who work with at-risk youth, in private practice or through agencies or in special schools; (2) College students, therapists, artists, and teachers who are interested in starting writing programs in jails, shelters, hospitals, and special schools; (3) College students and faculty in schools of social work, medicine, creative writing, psychology, and education; (4) Staff in institutions, such as jails and hospitals, who are interested in expanding their programming. Multiple agencies, colleges, and institutions can come together to sponsor a Pongo visit and training.”

You can read more about the training and a suggested outline for how it could work for you here.

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