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Poetry :: Indian Heritage Explored

The PBS News Hour The News Hour Poetry Series, funded by the Poetry Foundation, intends to engage a broader audience with poetry through a series of thoughtful, in-depth reports on contemporary poets and poetry.

The series includes the production of short-form profiles on living American poets and long-form segments on current debates in poetry that will air on the NewsHour starting in 2006. The pieces are also available on PoetryFoundation.org as audio and video.

The collaboration will allow the NewsHour to draw from the foundation’s extensive research on the state of poetry in American culture, as well as the foundation’s knowledge of various issues — from the plethora of MFA programs to the current neglect of some of the art form’s living masters.

Currently featured on the site: Spoken Word Club Explores Indian Identity, History. Through verse, members of the Spoken Word Club at the Santa Fe Indian School articulate identities both modern and traditional, and maintain links to the past through native language and culture. Video readings by members of the Spoken Word Club are included.

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