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Planet Drum Bioregional Poetry Issue

Planet Drum Foundation is “a voice for bioregional sustainability, education and culture. The organization’s website features educational resources, resources, informative essays on current issues related to sustainability culture, and a unique “Eco-Eye on the Olympics” – supporting the foundation’s opposition to the environmental impacts caused by the Winter Olympics.

Members of Planet Drum receive the foundations newsletter, the most recent issue of which features a selection of bioregional poetry selected by Gary Lawless, founder of Gulf of Main Books.

Lawless writes: “I first heard the word ‘bioregion’ spoken by a poet, in the early 1970s. Since then, a lot of my news, a lot of my understanding of the idea of bioregionalism, has come from poets. We talk to each other about the places we love. We learn to listen, to hear the languages of plant, animals, stone, wind and sky, to hear the human languages  developed from living in a particular place over a long period of time. We are seeing many of these languages disappear, as the species and places they speak about disappear.”

This special poetry issues means preserve those relationships, those languages, with works by Jerry Martien, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Marcela Delpastre (translated from the Occitan by Nicole Peyrafitte and Pierre Joris), Richard Hamasaki, Lisa Panepinto, Destiny Kinal, Kauraka Kauraka, Jess, Housty, Gary Lawless, Joanne Kyger, Peter Berg, James Koller, Dale Pendell, and Art Goodtimes.

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