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Perennial Poetry Postcard Project

Okay, so you’ve gone and done it. You have made the New Years Resolution to write more, to be diligent, to keep to a schedule, yadda yadda. Alrighty then, this is just the kick in the pants you need: The Prerennial Poetry Postcard Project from Concrete Wolf Press. Add your name to the list of over a hundred others, and then each week, you send a postcard poem to the next person down on the list from your name. In return, the bottom of the list goes to the top of the list, so you will receive poems as well.

This is organized by Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers (Concrete Wolf), the same people who created the August Poetry Postcard Project, which entails writing and sending a poem a day for the month of August. I participated in this last year, and HIGHLY recommend it! I’ll admit – I didn’t always send a poem a day, but I did make up for it when I could, and finished out the month on time.

As for the Prerennial Project – I guess we’ll see how it goes! Won’t you join me?

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