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Pacific University Reviewers

In response to a call for reviewers, I heard from two university professors who offered to have their students write literary magazine reviews for NewPages. The first group of reviews this month come from Kathlene Postma at Pacific University in Oregon. Postma is editor of Silk Road literary magazine, and explain that “the students are regularly asked to assess other journals in order to strengthen their own work on Silk Road. These are avid readers – of every submission we receive and of literature in general,” she says. “They approached these journals from NewPages with an open mind and a desire to get a grasp on what’s happening in the world of small press publishing. They are excited to share what they found with other passionate readers and writers.”

The student reviews are noted by the addition of “Pacific University” after the reviewer’s name. Check out what these avid readers, current editors, and up-and-coming writers have to say about the publications. The Pacific University reviewers welcome your feedback.

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