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Original Artwork on Every Cover

The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review‘s Winter 2013 issue is exciting, right from glancing at the cover. When I received the NewPages copy, I had to look closely. Is that Sharpie on the cover? I flipped right to the editor’s note, and saw this:

“And isn’t this, we could say, ‘uncontrollable’ element of art one of the things that makes it so indispensable? I think so. When we publish the magazine each year, it is no longer, literally, in our hands, but in the hands (and eyes and ears) of our subscribers and readers. To that end, this year’s cover is something rather unusual. Each copy of this issue has an individually illustrated cover. Some may be signed, others may be anonymous. The artists range from professional illustrators and visual artists to college students, to academics, to elementary art school teachers to elementary school students themselves. They’ve all been done in a the simple medium of a permanent marker or two . . .”

Nathaniel Perry goes on to say that just like you can’t control what will be on the cover of your copy, you can’t control how you will read or react to any of the poetry. But here are the writers you can expect to find in this issue: Claudia Emerson, Maria Hummel, Christopher Howell, Robert Wrigley, and more.

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