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OneWord Online Writing Exercise

OneWord is an online writing prompt that provides user with – yes – one word on which they have 60 seconds to write. The site advises against word definitions and writing about freaking out because you don’t know what the word means. Instead, they say to write whatever the word “inspires” and that the point to the exercise is to “learn to flow.” Over 4000 members access the site and sign-up is free. Anyone who visits the site can see the word and be given the timed screen on which to write without having to sign up – so you can check it out before committing to sharing your writing. For those who do share and/or want to read, you can see posts by other members. OneWord is a self-monitored community of writers, and has announced the publication of 365 Days: A Year in the Life of OneWord.com. OneWord also includes a call-in podcast and has just begun a video series.

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