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NewPages Updates :: Lit Mags Galore!

The first quarter of 2013, NewPages welcomed a robust selection of new publications to The NewPages Big List of Literary Magazines:

Abmush Review Image – poetry, fiction, reviews, essays, art
Apeiron Review [O] – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography
ARDOR Literary Magazine [O] – fiction, nonfiction, short-shorts, poetry, artwork, photography
Berkeley Poetry Review Image
Brevity Poetry Review [O]
Brooklyner Literary [O] – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, reviews, interviews, sketches, translations, audio, video
Canyon Voices [O] – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art
Catamaran Literary Reader Image – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art
Cleaver Magazine [O] – poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic monologues, flash prose, and visual art
Connecticut River Review Image – poetry, reviews
Dead Flowers [O] – poetry
DIALOGIST [O] – poetry, photography, artwork
Embodied Effigies [O] – nonfiction
Eye to the Telescope [O] – poetry
Four Ties Lit Review [O] – poetry, fiction, nonfiction
Four Way Review [O] – poetry, fiction
The Hoot & Hare Review [O] – fiction, poetry, essays, art, interviews
Ishaan Literary Review – poetry, fiction
Josephine Quarterly [O] – poetry, art
Kalyani Image – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, cross-genre
The Manhattan Review Image – poetry, reviews, essays
Manor House Quarterly Image – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, visual art
Minerva Rising Image – prose, poetry, and art by women artists
A Narrow Fellow Image – poetry
Noah [O] – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, multi-genre
O-Dark-Thirty Image – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, veterans
Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine [O] – nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photostories
Pinball [O] – fiction, nonfiction
Plenitude [O] – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic narrative, film
The Rampallian Image – poetry, fiction, art, photography
Randomly Accessed Poetics Image – poetry, flash fiction, fiction, essays, photography, artwork
Red Savina Review [O] – fiction, poetry, nonfiction
San Pedro River Review Image – poetry, prose poetry, art
shuf [O] – poetry
Smoking Glue Gun [O] – poetry, art
South 85 [O] – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews
Spry [O] – nonfiction, fiction, flash fiction, poetry, interviews
Squalorly [O] – fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, illustration, photography
The Squawk Back [O] – fiction, poetry
Star 82 Review [*82 Review] [O] – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art
Wilde Magazine Image – GLBTQ poetry, prose, artwork
Windhover Image – poetry, short fiction, nonfiction
Zymbol Image – poetry, fiction, art, nonfiction, graphic art

[app] = publication available as an app for tablets/phones
[e] = electronic publication for e-readers
Image = online magazines
[p] = print magazine

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