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NewPages Employee of the Month

If you’ve ever wondered how the mail processing works at NewPages World Headquarters, here’s an image of the first step. Scrappy the Maildog makes a daily walk to the post office to retrieve precious bundles of books, lit mags, and letters, and bring them back to HQ. As you can imagine, Scrappy is an integral part of our work here and earns some of the best food and ear-scratching bonuses of any dog employee. He takes his job seriously and has never once made a “long stop” while working; he feels to do so would be disrespectful to the literature (regardless of the fact that not all humans feel the same way).

As you can see from the image, his bag has suffered through days of hard labor. These are Outward Hound bags, which I would not recommend because of their weak zippers. Although, I suspect cramming some of those heavyweight poetry annuals in there might have had something to do with it; no zipper is a match for free verse. (You can borrow that line; I can see it might be useful in a few other situations.)

To answer the FAQ – I don’t know what kind of dog Scrappy is. I adopted him when he was three from a no-kill shelter where he had been housed for nine months. He came with numerous bad behaviors, but with patience, obedience classes (for both of us), and continuous positive reinforcement, he has become a registered therapy dog, a wonderful companion, and a dedicated staff member of NewPages.

To Scrappy, all howl – Ah-rooooo!

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