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New Publication :: Boat Magazine

In the introduction to the inaugural issue of Boat Magazine, Editor Erin Spens writes, “We got a few blank stares when we told people we were picking up our 8-month-old studio and moving it to Sarajevo for a month to make a magazine. We suspected there were a few reasons for the confusion; magazines seem to be a dying art form, moving a brand new business in the middle of a recession is ludicrous, and Sarajevo? Where is Sarajevo? Precisely.”

The concept for Boat Magazine is a fresh one. Travel to “forgotten cities,” dock there for a month and set up a publication studio that pulls together “the most talented people we know; writers, photographers, illustrators, musicians… gave them a blank canvas, and set them loose on the streets” to create a magazine focused on that host city. Sarajevo is their first stop on this new venture.

The magazine features works by Dave Eggers, Jasmin Brutus, Lamija Hadžiosmanović, Ziyah Gafić, Max Knight, Sarah Correia, Jasmin Brutus, Zoë Barker, Davey Spens, Milomir Kovačević, Danis Tanović, Lara Ciarabellini, Bernie Gardner, Enes Zlatar Bure, Jonathan Cherry, Sam Baldwin, Neno Navaković, Agatha A. Nitecka, and Sophie Cooke.

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