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New Madrid on Water

Editor Ann Neelon writes in her introduction to The New Madrid that the Winter 2011 issue “commemorates the declaration by the General Assembly of the United Nations in July 2010 that access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right. It also solemnizes the terrifying fury of the floods that have ravaged the planet this year in Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as in Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, China, France, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, Australia, Indonesia, Serbia, Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Guatemala, and Singapore. We’ve all gotten used to images of streets turned into rivers, people with no belongings any more being transported in boats instead of cars. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop for anguished refugees to drink.”

Contributers to this issue include Mario Chard, Teresa Milbrodt, Ruth Goring, Jennifer Atkinson, Scott Gould, Karen Holmberg, Matthew Nienow, Jeff Fearnside, Kristian Ansand Walter, Anthony Opal, Nikki Zielinski, Peter F. Murphy, Randall Horton, Ellen Ann Fentress, Deborah Bauer, and Sant Khalsa (photographer/cover art).

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