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New Lit on the Block :: trans lit mag

Founding Editor Christina Phelps and Poetry Editor Elana Seplow bring us trans lit mag: a continually-expanding quarterly name-changing online literary magazine. Issue #1, “transmission” was published in Sept 2010, followed by Issue #2 – “transience” and Issue #3 – “Transform.” Issue #4, “Transport,” is still underway.

trans lit mag publishes fiction, poetry, artwork (including cover art), and literary nonfiction, with “special attention given to pieces that play with form in some way, but this should be very loosely translated. Transform comes from the Latin word meaning to change in form, and characters often do undergo a change in appearance or character, but we can also be changed by what we experience – as readers and as artists.”

Contributors to past issues include Eric Sasson, Elana Seplow, Douglas Silver, Denny E. Marshall, Jaime Karnes, Shannon Anthony, Sergio Antonio Ortiz, Mitchell Waldman, Parker Tettleton, Jane Hardwidge, Donal Mahoney, Jim Fuess, Andrew McLinden, Jim Fuess, Anna North, Katherine Don, Edwina Attlee, Elizabeth Tenenbaum, Edwina Attlee, Jacqueline Simonovich, Howie Good, Hubert O’Hearn, Hillary Walker, Chizuco Shophia Yw, Jane Elias, Rigby Bendele, and Hubert O’Hearn.

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