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New Lit on the Block :: TRACHODON

Editor and Founder John Carr Walker opens the inaugural issue of TRACHODON with this note: “Since January of 2010, when I founded TRACHODON, a print magazine of lit, art, and artisan culture, I’ve heard three questions over and over: 1) Are you out of your mind? 2) Is there a nice, quiet place I can take you until the trip wears off? 3) What is a Trachodon, and why are you naming your lit mag after one?” Walker goes on to address each of these, the third one first – which besides being the easiest one to answer, becomes the basis and connecting point for answering the others.

Joined by Associate Editor Katey Schultz, TRACHODON publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. The first issue features poetry by Chris Dombrowski and Taylor Altman, fiction by Tom Weller and Jo Ann Heydron, a memoir and images by jewelry-maker Amy Tavern, and an article on Brooklyn’s Urban Glass by Wesley Middleton.

Reading periods are May-July and November-January; no unsolicited poetry or memoirs are being accepted at this time.

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