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New Lit on the Block :: The Prompt

Editor Kim Hunter-Perkins brings us the prompt, a new online literary magazine that hopes to encourage submissions based on prompts. The editors clarify that they mean “to provide a place for work that often has no place in a traditional literary magazine because of its form or function.” That is, writing that is the result of a workshop or writing exercise that is “pretty darned good,” but is rejected on the basis of being “too workshoppy.”

To further encourage prompt-based writing, and to solicit submissions, the prompt provides an array of prompts, including text prompts, photo prompts, audio prompts and video prompts. If you haven’t tried it, it’s pretty amazing what a 30-second audio clip can inspire!

the prompt website also includes commentary and resources on a featured form (currently “The Post-Apocalyptic Genre”), and “practical pedagogy” on how teachers can use the prompt in the classroom.

Working to produce a quality publication are Associate Editors Dan Davis, Natalie Doehring, Luke Kingery, Kristi McDuffie, Whitney Noland, Anna-Elise Price, Clint Walker, and Artists in Residence Heidi Butler Mitchell and Christy Blew.

the prompt is accepting submissions of poetry, including flash-based poetry, prose – including fiction and creative non-fiction, and “non-traditional selections” such as scenes, character profiles, “snapshots,” etc. The Prompt accepts submissions via Submishmash.

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