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New Lit on the Block :: The 22

If there’s one thing the Internet is good for, it’s publishing visual art. And if there’s one magazine that has shown just how great this can be, it’s The 22, a new online magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Simply titled to reflect its content, The 22 features 22 contributors each issue. The magazine’s mission is to “publish art, music and writing as integrated structures that play off each other and enhance the whole.” Editor and publisher, Cat Gilbert says they’re looking for “intriguing art,” poetry, fiction, non-fiction, video, music, animation and more. “The restrictions are few and the work is chosen by the creators or a visiting guest editor.” Some issues will revolve around themes which will be posted in advance. The inaugural issue editors include Gilbert, Contributing Editors Ansel Elkins and Dolores Alfien, with Guest Editor Laura Grandmaison.

The first issue features works by Adriean Auguste Koleric, Alan Bigelow, Andrew Topel, Ansel Elkins, April Gertler, Brian Dettmer, Dolores Alfieri, Douglas Pierre Baulos, Edgar Oliver, Eric Zboya, Erin Snyder, Jeff Burns, John Jennison, Joseba Eskubi, Kate Javens, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Louise Robinson, Max Evry, Michael Babin, Samantha Kostmayer Sulaiman, Threefifty Duo, and Tobias Stretch.

The 22 is currently accepting submissions for their next volume (no theme or restrictions); deadline July 1st.

The 22 is also holding their first annual Bloomsday Contest. Deadline June 14.

[Artwork by Joseba Eskubi.]

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