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New Lit on the Block :: Inlandia

In an effort to spotlight the Inland Southern California region’s rich literary heritage, Inlandia: A Literary Journey features regionally-focused poems, stories, essays, memoir, novel excerpts, book reviews, interviews, and a rotating feature of work produced by participants from the Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops series.

The editorial staff is made up of: Cati Porter, Editor-in-Chief; Maureen Alsop, Associate Editor, Poetry; Jo Scott-Coe, Associate Editor, Nonfiction; Gayle Brandeis, Associate Editor, Fiction; and Ruth Nolan, Associate Editor, Fiction.

The first issues available online include fiction by Kate Anger, Rebecca K. O’Connor, Samantha Lamph, Rayme Waters, E.J. Jones, and Valerie Henderson; poetry by Nicelle Davis, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Gregory Liffick, Louise Mathias, Jeff Mays, Shin Yu Pai, Jean Waggoner, Cynthia Anderson, Nancy Scott Campbell, Marcyn Clements, Mike Cluff, Rachelle Cruz, Sheela Free, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Cindy Rinne, and Ash Russell; nonfiction by Judy Kronenfeld, as well as Inlandia Creative Writing Workshop Features.

Inlandia reads submissions year-round.

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