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New Lit on the Block :: EdgePiece

Founded by Sarah Lindsay to “give new writers and artists a place to start – an edge piece for their big-picture puzzle,” EdgePiece will publish online tri-annually. Joining in this effort are Developmental Editors Sarah Lucas, Max Pickering, Pamela S. Wall, Dakota Morgan and Copy Editor Pamela S. Wall. Together, the unique promise of this publication is to “never fully reject a manuscript; we work with you, editing your piece and suggesting improvements. This way, everyone gets experience and satisfaction from the process.”

Featured in Issue 1.1 is Fiction by George Masters, Elizabeth Dunphey, Tim Martin, Nana Adjei-Brenyah, and Bob Kalkreuter; Non-Fiction by Katie Liming, and Kendra Shirey; Poetry by, Catherine Batsios, Alana Aguilar, Thommie Gillow, Paige Webb, Nico Mara-McKay, and Amanda Montell; Photography by, Kendra Shirey, Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki, and Keith Moul.

EdgePiece is “hungry for fiction, non-fiction and poetry” but will also consider book/essay/poetry/film reviews, photography, and other graphic/visual art.

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