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New Lit on the Block :: Cobalt

Staffed by Managing Editor Andrew Keating, Poetry Editor Jill Williams, Fiction Editor Rafe Posey, Non-Fiction Editor Samantha Stanco, Art Director Danielle Peterson, Social Media Manager Michelle Junot, Blog Contributors Gillian Ramos and Kate Stone, Cobalt is an online quarterly of fiction, non-fiction and poetry “of the highest caliber,” as well as interviews “with some of the most influential writers in the literary community.” Cobalt‘s mission is “to publish quality creative work and promote the literary arts, as well as those who celebrate them.”

The first issue features Poetry by Brian Russell, Georgia Kreiger, John Abbott, Steven Leyva, Andrea Dickens; Fiction by Jen Michalski, Mandy Taggart, Emily Kiernan; Nonfiction by James Claffey, John FitzGerald; and Interviews with Nicola Griffith (author of The Blue Place) and Jessica Anya Blau (author of Drinking Closer to Home).

Issue two will be available December 10. Submissions are open and accepted through Submishmash.

[Cover image “Metro” by Sophie Johnson (Oil on Canvas).]

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