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New Lit on the Block :: Certain Circuits

Founder Bonnie MacAllister has publicly introduced Certain Circuits, an artists’ collaboration of poetry, experimental prose, art, and new media. CC is especially interested in documenting multimedia collaborative work between artists. The first issue features work from artists in Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, India, Japan, Oman, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The first issues is laid out online with plans to publish print copies. CC is also curating their first gallery exhibit in Philadelphia featuring a multimedia collaboration between their contributors.

CC is currently accepting proposals for multimedia, audio, and art on a rolling basis, though the reading period for poetics and prose is currently closed.

Issue 1.1 in print features the following contributors – those whose works also appear online have an asterisk:

Art: Alison Altergott* – Kirsten Ashley* – Eleanor Leonne Bennett* – Helene Constant* – Natalie Felix – Joanna Fulginiti* – Amanda Lovelee* – Ana Viviane Minorelli* – Jed Mauger Williams* – Ruth Schanbacher* – Cait Spera* – Rachel Udell* – Nico Vassilikas*

Collaborations: Handmade Philly* – Brian and Ashley Howe* – Horsey* – Radio Eris – Val Broeksmit (Bikini Robot Army) with Burnside Bums – Megan Kelley and Suguna Sridhar – Michelle Wilson* and Mary Tasillo – Jim Tuite and Patrick Morris* – Christopher Gage and Megan Kelley* – Adam Zucker and Jason Maas* – Greg Bem and Linda Thea

Poetry: Joe Amaral – Courtney Bambrick – Beth Boettcher – Zachary Bushnell – Brooke Bailey – Jane Cassady – Stuart Cooke – Iris Jamahl Dunkel – Fernando Flores – Alexander Jorgensen* – Jeff Mark – Monica Pace* – Tanya Perkins – Kathleen Radigan* – William Rodeffer* – Suguna Sridhar* – Hal Sirowitz* – Bill Wolak

Prose: Spencer Carvalho – Stephanie Dickinson* – David Hewitt* – Jeff Siegel*

Multimedia: Jeff Siegel*

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