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New Lit on the Block :: Burner Magazine

Sarah Miniaci and Leah Stephenson are editors of the newly launched online (Issuu) Burner Magazine “a digital pop art magazine” that “aims to take the boring out of the literary and arts scenes, bringing together original and edgy artists of all shapes and sizes. It promises to get your blood pumping, heart racing, and to induce literary and visual crushes. The Burner contributor is a muse and amusing, compelling and never complacent. Burner is about science, art, truth, conspiracies, naturalism, cyborgs, music, beauty, sex and everything in between.”

The first issue of Burner features:

Short Fiction by Kate Baggott. Anne Baldo, Guy Cranwick, Joseph DeSimone, Jeremy Hanson-Finger, and Margaret Zamos-Monteith

Poetry by Walter Beck. Dylan Carpenter , Jack Conway, William Doreski, Gail Ghai, Zakia Henderson-Brown, Meredith Holbrook, Mark Jackley, Alex Linden, Joseph Reich, Robert Spiegal, Ben Zucker, and Leah Stephenson & Sarah Miniaci

Photography and Visuals by Greg Andruszcenko, Josephine Close, Julie Dru, Kelly Evers Jackson, Matt Hannon, Yumi Ichida, Christina Luther, David Platt, Bea Sabino, Jak Spedding, Lisa Stegman, and Grace Suwondo

and an Interview with Nadja Sayej.

Burner is accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction/non-fiction, photography, visual art, music, and “gak” – which is anything that “doesn’t fit into any of the above categories.” Deadline for next issue: October 20

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