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New Lit on the Block :: Blue Lotus Review

Blue Lotus Review is a literature, art, and multi-media online journal. Editor Amy Willoughby-Burle says she’s “been rolling this idea around in my mind for some time. What makes a person with too much on her plate already desire to start a journal? My best answer: to see what’s out there. To be a part of it.” Blue Lotus Review is a nice addition to this fray of what’s out there, taking advantage of the online medium to provide high quality visual artwork as well as easily accessed, quality recordings from musicians. While there’s no film as yet, BLR submission guidelines include this.

The Summer 2010 premier issue features Paintings by Jim Fuess, Chuck Bruursema, Ernest Williamson III, Audrey White; Poetry by James H. Duncan, P.D. Lyons, Heather Burt, Corey Mesler, and Alicia Valbuena; Fiction by Adam Moorad; Music by Tyler Boone and Freddy Bradburn.

The Winter 2010 current issue features Poetry by John Middlebrook, Kenneth P. Gurney, Andrea Janov, John Grey; Fiction by Erik Berg, John Sharp, and James Devitt, Jr.; Paintings by Ira Joel Haber; Photography by Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro; Music by Night’s Bright Colors (Jason Smith, James Richards, Mariya Potapova, and Bryan Morissey).

Blue Lotus Review is published quarterly and is open year-round for submissions of poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, art, photography, music, and film (via YouTube hosting).

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