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New Lit on the Block :: Badlands

Badlands is an annual bilingual literary journal that publishes original creative work in Spanish and English, and original translations from Spanish and Latin American literature. Badlands is published by the students at the Palm Desert Campus of California State University, San Bernardino. The publication is made possible by funds from the Instructionally Related Programs Board.

Issue One includes:

Poetry translations of Pablo Neruda translated by William O’Daly, Lope de Vega translated by Boyd Nielson, and Jan Neruda translated by A. K. Adams.

Poetry by Jay Lewenstein, Maria Elena B. Mahler, Elsa Frausto, Orlando Ramirez, Lois P. Jones, Derek Henderson, Jeff Poggi, Katherine Factor, Monte Landis, Nicole Comstock, Paula Stinson, Günther Bedson, A. N. Teibe, Wendy Silva, Nikia Chaney, Ash Russell, Susan Rogers, Russell Hoberg, Patricia D’Alessandro, Ruth Nolan, Isabel Quintero-Flores, and Kath Abela Wilson.

Fiction by Eileen Chavez, G. Gordon Davis, David Camberos, Mariano Zaro, Celia, Demi Anter, Bruce Chronister, and Tony O’Doherty.

Nonfiction by Diana Holdsworth and Linda Marie Prejean.

Submissions for 2011 have closed, but will reopen for 2012.

[Cover art: Stephen Linsteadt’s “Beyond Words.”]

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