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New Lit on the Block :: Adventum Magazine

Adventum Magazine is a new online publication of, well, as Editor-in-Chief and Founder Naomi Mahala Farr muses in her philosophy – what could best be described as outdoor adventure writing. While other magazines exist that do honor the environment, the outdoors, and adventure, Naomi created Adventum to explore all of these in a more literary venue: creative nonfiction and haiku with photography and photo essays. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Produced in Issuu (print available on demand), the first installment of this biannual features essays by Adrianne Aron, Trevien Stanger, Manda Frederick, Kim Kircher, Kathleen Saville, Willard Manus, Cheryl Merrill, Tom Leskiw, Adrienne Ross Scanlan, Ed Gutierrez; photography by Shea Mack, Brandon Hauser, Jon Oliver-Hodges, Shaun Bevins, Tim Farr; and haiku by Dennis Maulsby, Sidney Bending, Julia Goodman, Wayne Lee, Wally Swist.

Submissions for the next issue are accepted until November 15. Adventum accepts “creative nonfiction, essays, and memoir pieces that explore some aspect of personal experience in the outdoors. This includes but is not limited to adventure in extreme wilderness landscapes as well as urban, whether it is about climbing trees, mountains or buildings, kayaking rivers or oceans, walking in pursuit of rare insects, pursuing the art of parkour, oceanic living, or mountain culture.” Photography and haiku (and haiku ONLY) are also accepted.

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