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New Lit on the Block :: Adanna

Adanna: A Journal for Women, about Women was created by Editor Christine Redman-Waldeyer as a way that she, a mother of three with a teaching career, could “pursue the writing life without traveling.” Her lifetime of wanting “to be utterly female and to do what the boys could do” is also in the philosophy of creating a magazine open to all, but that specifically “celebrate[s] the lives and writing of women.” Redman-Waldeyer hopes that Adanna will “offer women a new opportunity to publish in a publishing world where the gender scales are too often unfavorably tilted.”

The next submission period for Issue #2 is January 31-April 30, 2012, but Adanna is currently accepting “love poetry” for a contest. The 50 poems selected will be published in a perfect-bound print edition.

The inaugural issue of Adanna is guest edited by Diane Lockward, and includes the following contributors:

Jennifer Arin, Janet A. Baker, Carol Berg, Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Pam Bernard, Debra Bruce, Sarah Busse, Laura Cherry, Laura E. Davis, Jessica G. de Koninck, Erika Dreifus, George Drew, Lois Parker Edstrom, Susan V. Facknitz, Patricia Fargnoli, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Alice B. Fogel, Ruth Foley, Maria Gillan, Maryanne Hannan, Penny Harter, Ann Hostetler, Adele Kenny, Claire Keyes, Kathleen Kirk, Jacqueline Kolosov, Judy Kronenfeld, Michelle Lerner, Robin Lim, Diane Lockward, Sandy Longhorn, Angie Macri, Marjorie Maddox, Greg McBride, Judith H. Montgomery, Julie L. Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Connie Post, Susanna Rich, Helen Ruggieri, Judith Skillman, Sarah J. Sloat, Molly Spencer, Christine Stewart-Nunez, Madeline Tiger, Ingrid Wendt, Laura S. Whalen, TJ Wiley, Lisa Zimmerman

Margo Berdeshevsky, Colleen S. Harris, Liesl Jobson, Lani Friend, Nwamaka Osakwe, Pramila Venkateswaran

Jessica McCaughey, Yelizaveta P. Renfro

Beatrice M. Hogg

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