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New Journal :: Textual Overtures

textual-overturesTextual Overtures is a new online academic journal created by graduate students for graduate students in an effort to create an intellectual relationship between the studies of rhetoric & composition and literature. The mission statement of Textual Overtures focuses on the publication’s dedication to “creating a space in which rhetoric, composition, and literature can coexist, and further, create a harmony of textual explorations.”

The editorial staff is “a coalition of graduate students at Washington State University committed to promoting a community of graduate scholarship and discourse.” The current board is Editor-in-Chief: Lindsay Williams; Tech Editor: Kerry Clark; Junior Tech Editor: Hallie Kaiser; Literature Editor: Benjamin Carlton; Rhetoric/Composition Editor: Lauren Kelly; and Communications Editor: Edie-Marie Roper.

The first two issues are available to read online, with the first focused on “Texts, Technologies, and Remediation” and the second “Representing the Body.” The journal can be read online via Scribd and individual articles can be downloaded as .pdfs.

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