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Narrative Contest Winners

Narrative Fall 2009 Story Contest Winners and Finalists

First Prize: Joe David Bellamy, “East House”

Second Prize: Dave Bausch, “Dim Lighting at the After Party”

Third Prize: Nate Haken, “Leach Pad”

David Abrams
Megan Mayhew Bergman
Han-ping Chin and William O’Daly
Abby Frucht
William Litton
Jerry Mathes
Mary Morrisey
Evan James Roskos
Heather Sellers
Olivia Shannon

The Winter 2010 Story Contest, with a $4,000 First Prize, a $1,500 Second Prize, a $500 Third Prize, and five finalists receiving $100 each. Open to fiction and nonfiction. Entry deadline: Wednesday, March 31, midnight, Pacific time.

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