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Much Ado for Writers :: Stadler Center for Poetry

“Founded in 1988 by Professor John Wheatcroft and philanthropist Jack Stadler and located at Bucknell University, in the scenic Susquehanna Valley of central Pennsylvania, the Stadler Center for Poetry is a professional literary center offering a wide range of programs and residencies for emerging and established poets and writers.”

The site includes several podcasts, with more to come: An interview with the director, Marylin Chin, Ilya Kaminski, Dennis Nurske, Robert Love Taylor, Cynthia Hogue.

The center offers numerous programs and residencies:

Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets
Held for three weeks in June, the Seminar provides an extended opportunity for undergraduate poets to write and to be guided by established poets.

Stadler Fellowship
Initiated in 1998, the Stadler Fellowship offers a recent MFA, MA, or PhD graduate in poetry the opportunity to receive professional training in arts administration and literary editing along with time to complete a first or second manuscript of poems.

Stadler Emerging Writer Fellowship
Initiated in 2007 and modeled on the Stadler Fellowship, the Stadler Emerging Writer program offers poets who have recently completed their graduate work the chance to contribute to a thriving poetry center while providing time for the completion of a first or second book of poems.

Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing
Named for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Bucknell graduate and established in the fall of 1993, the Roth Residence offers an emerging writer four months of unfettered writing time during Bucknell’s fall semester, without formal academic obligations.

Since its initiation in 1981, the Poet-in-Residence program has brought a writer of national or international renown to spend a semester at Bucknell University each spring semester. The program is intended to honor the achievements of an accomplished poet, providing him or her with the opportunity to work with limited academic obligations.

Sandra & Gary Sojka Visiting Poet Series
The Sojka Series brings a distinguished poet to Bucknell for a two-day visit each fall. In addition to presenting a reading, the Sojka poet meets in an informal venue with students and other members of the Bucknell community.

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