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Mrs. P Encourages Good Reading

Remember Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show? If not, just as well – the character was one that bordered on freakishly scary. Actress Kathy Kinney is still in character, but these days as a slightly more subdued Mrs. P (actually a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire). Mrs. P is an educational book and reading website for kids. It’s really quite well done, with video, audio, games, funny stories told by Kinney and lots of good books read by her as well. The site is interactive and offers a lot of options to encourage regular visits, as well as provides adult supervision commentary (such as never giving out your name, phone, address on the web) and parent/guardian information.

Also involved in this endeavor are Clay Graham, head writer and Executive Producer of “The Drew Carey Show” for seven years, and Dana Plautz, former worldwide marketing executive for Hanna-Barbera.

Mrs. P is currently running a “Be-a-Famous-Writer Contest” for kids ages 4-8 and 9-13. There is no entry fee for this, and judges include Dave Barry, Andre Bormanis, Craig Ferguson, and Diana Leszczynski. Winners will have their stories illustrated and produced for the Mrs. P website; other prizes include gift certificates to Powell’s Books, a sponsor of the contest.

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