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Motion Poems Season 7

motion poems 7The seventh season of Motion Poems has begun. If you’re a ‘series’ watcher and love getting your installment fixes – then tag onto Motion Poems. This season’s installments are being produced in partnership with Cave Canem, “a home for the many voices of African American poetry.” Motion Poems combines works from great poets with outstanding contemporary filmmakers to create free films for everyone to enjoy. This season, Motion Poems will be releasing each new film monthly via Facebook and posting announcements of the release on Twitter and Instagram, so LIKE and FOLLOW Motion Poems to stay up-to-date with the series. You can also sign up for their quaterly newsletter which includes links to the films as well as other news and updates. The first film in the series is the stunning and leave-you-speechless “How Do You Raise a Black Child?” by poet Cortney Lamar Charleston and filmmaker Seyi Peter-Thomas.

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