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Malahat Review on Long Form Poetry

malahat reviewThe Malahat Review issue 191 includes winners of their 2015 Long Poem Prize: Gary Geddes for “The Resumption of Play” and Genevieve Lehr for “The latter half of the third quarter of the waning moon.”

The Malahat Review website features and interview with each author on their winning poems as well as a link to a symposium on the Long Form which was presented at the League of Canadian Poets’ Long Poem panel May 2015 annual general meeting in Winnipeg. Contributing authors and commentaries include: Kate Braid’s “Tending the Garden: The Fruits and Dangers of the Long Poem”; Cornelia Hoogland’s “The Long Poem and the Shape of the Working Mind”; and Sharon Thesen’s “After-Thoughts on the Long Poem.”

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