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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week


Arcadia‘s cover issue, as well as a selection included art within the issue, comes from Tammy Brummel, a freelance graphic designer in Oklahoma City. “My process involves compiling a library of photos and layering them on backgrounds,” she writes. “I then add graphics along with other elements until they begin to react with one another and built a story.”


Katelin Kinney contributes the cover art for the latest print edition of Thrice Fiction. She uses the methods learned from her BFAs in fine art painting and fine art photography to “create digital paintings where photos begin to morph into surreal worlds of fantasy and conceptual dramatizations.


Morgan Schweitzer created this cover art especially for The Normal School. “We stumbled on his work for another magazine and flattered him relentlessly until he agreed to do our cover,” write the editors. “A longtime pro in animation and commercial illustration, he has a ton of range, so when we cut him loose on the cover we didn’t really know what style would emerge, only that we were going to be excited about it.”

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