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Lit Mag Covers: Picks of the Week

You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it doesn’t mean the cover can’t be appealing. Here are a few magazines that came in this week that made me stop to think, say “wow,” or simply announce to my coworkers, “Hey, check out this cover!”

Main Street Rag‘s new cover features a hallway, and at the end, there is an exit sign, pointing left and a sign below indicating poetry is to the right (pointing, of course, to where you must open the journal). Which way will you choose?

Gulf Coast‘s “Issues” cover features a selection of books of issues: Oversharing, Essay Tests, Abandonment Issues, God Complex, Drug Issues, Control Issues, and, largest and dead center, Mom Issues.

The Southern Review‘s cover features a library, taken over by disaster, with the dome of the ceiling ripped out to reveal a beautiful skyline.

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