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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

I’m loving the brilliant colors of Birmingham Poetry Review‘s Spring 2014 cover: The Alchemy of Invention, 2013 by Nicola Mason, mixed-media on canvas.


Simon says press red. Simon says press blue. Simon says admire the cover of The Literary Review. A fitting cover image for the themed issue “Artificial Intelligence.” And in case you’re wondering what the inscription is underneath, it says, “Nothing that matters is new or fake. Nothing can’t be controlled with a joystick. Buttons are original thought. Peripherals are unpredictable. Synapses are mythic, like the words we live by.”


Initial thought as I looked at this, out loud, “Ooo I really love this cover of BPJ.” A minute later upon closer look, “Oh gross, it’s actually kind of creepy, I thought it was just feathers.” Thirty seconds later: “I still really love it.” Beloit Poetry Journal takes an interesting approach for the cover of the Spring issue: a dead bird’s feet among crunchy, dead leaves. The photograph is titled “Raven Elegy” and is actually by Editor Lee Sharkey. Hauntingly beautiful.

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