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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

As you’ll quickly be able to tell, this week it’s all about color. It’s been a dull and dreary winter, and I loved having a collection of colors filling my bins this week:

I saw this staring up at me from the top of my magazine pile, and I gravitated to it. Teen in Body Paint, Key West, Florida is a picture by Roger Sacha of a young man painted by Tony Gregory with body paint in 2005. You’ll have to pick up an actual copy of Subtropics to get the full effect.


The color on the cover of The London Magazine‘s new issue is fascinating as though it’s a rainy day, there’s still a rainbow of color. It’s detail from Leonid Afremov’s Rain of Fire, oil on canvas, 2007.


This cover of Boulevard completes the list of colorful action as the lights dance of the bridge in the photograph. It’s by Charles Gross and titled Crossing the Tuo River at Night.

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