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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

The artwork on the latest issue of Phoebe is by Jaime Bennati, an artist who “makes the viewer question our relationship to things we keep and discard daily” by using materials often overlooked. The center of the issue features more of her work as well as a self-written how-to guide so you can try a piece of your own. Her included collection comes from using bus tickets that were discarded. “On average about 200,000 were discarded per day.” As a person who makes jewelry out of discarded materials, I’m intensely interested in her work.


The Fall 2013 issue of Kestrel features artwork by Julie Anne Struck titled A Story which is photo transfer, ink, collage, and colored pencil on panel. It’s great to look at up close. Struck “has always touched upon and explored anything that illustrates her interest in dissolving boundaries and celebrating connections between fine art, design, writing, and other creative disciplines.” More of her work is featured in full color inside the issue.


Not only are the colors and the actual skill of this cover art for Ruminate fascinating, but Sarah Megan Jenkins’s Jean Lafitte Swamp (acrylic and mixed media) feels like today in Michigan. The trees are gloomy, the world looks sad after a harsh, long winter, but the sun is coming up and there’s hope on the horizon.

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