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Lit Mag Cover Sex

Do you think the bookstores will cover up this cover of Granta when it hits the shelves? Will Granta have to wrap it in brown paper to send it in the mail? It reminds me of the ‘soft-core porn’ cover on Fence a few years back that garnered so much discussion about using sex to sell lit (or was it selling lit as sex?). Wheres Granta‘s issue is themed “Sex,” I don’t recall the content of Fence having a direct connection with the cover. It was simply used to help “sell” the mag. Did it work? I don’t know, but I figured there were going to be some pretty disappointed young boys who most likely would have stolen the magazine out of the bookstore only to find it filled with – poetry?! Or, who knows, maybe it’s covers like these that will someday be credited for having, well, turned some young readers on to literature.

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